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Annual Allocations of VITAE Funds

The Annual VITAE Planning Process is designed to enable the equitable and strategic allocation of the VITAE hiring funds campus-wide and foster a culture of inclusive searches. To request VITAE funding support at the beginning of the academic year, each school or department must submit to the Office of the Provost an annual plan using the Annual VITAE Hiring Planning Request form, coming soon.

Approval of this request allows each school to plan a faculty search that, if successful, may be supported with VITAE funds. Approval of this annual plan does not guarantee VITAE funds.  

Once candidates are identified through a competitive search, schools should still complete the VITAE hiring form. All candidates that ultimately receive support must meet two of three VITAE funding criteria outlined below:

  • The candidate is engaged in scholarship that is inclusive and involves populations from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized backgrounds. This may include individuals with substantial professional experience working with historically marginalized or underserved populations.
  • Candidates whose teaching or research specialty is in a field that is currently underrepresented in the University faculty and would offer contributions to the campus community and society.
  • Candidates with evidence of advocating or dismantling barriers for colleagues or students from traditionally underrepresented populations or marginalized backgrounds. This includes a demonstrated commitment to working, teaching, mentoring, partnering, or learning with colleagues or students from traditionally underrepresented populations.

Candidates hired using VITAE funds should be identified through an open search. As is true for all faculty hires regardless of funding source, units wishing to request an exception to the normal recruitment process (i.e., waiver) should consult the EOC website for information about the process and acceptable justifications for requesting a waiver.  Note that the use of VITAE Hiring Program funds does not constitute a justifiable waiver reasonand the letter of request for VITAE funds may not be substituted for the waiver justification letter submitted to EOC.


Out-of-Cycle Requests for VITAE Funds

Out-of-cycle requests apply to candidates identified outside the annual planning process. A candidate may be identified, for example, through an ongoing search that was not previously identified for VITAE funding or may be a candidate for a waiver of recruitment. See the university’s EHRA Recruitment and Selection Procedures or more information about search waivers.

To apply for VITAE Request Form, the department or school should submit the VITAE Request Form.  Review and collect the specific requirements of the VITAE Hiring Program Pre-Authorization form prior to filling out the form. You will not have the ability to partially populate the form and return to it later. The worksheet must be filled out in its entirety and requires the upload of the candidate’s CV.

Once submitted, the submitting school/unit will be notified of the hiring decision within two weeks of the form being submitted. The allocation of funds will be memorialized in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) following approval.

The Program provides up to $100,000 in annual salary plus benefits for up to four years, at the discretion of the provost and based on the availability of funds, at the time of application. It is expected that after the initial four years, the hiring unit will assume the full support of any faculty member hired using VITAE funds.