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Faculty members are appointed to perform research, teaching, or service on either a nine or twelve-month basis which is referred to as the “service period.”

Faculty appointments must be classified as either a nine or twelve-month appointment, but may not be both. In either case, salary is paid and benefits are provided all twelve months of the calendar year both to provide a consistent monthly income and to enable the provision of University benefits across the full calendar year.

Certain faculty employment policies differ depending on whether an individual holds a nine or twelve-month appointment and, in such cases, the relevant policies will often stipulate which benefits or privileges apply to nine-month faculty, twelve-month faculty, or both.

For specific policy provisions regarding either nine or twelve-month faculty members, refer to the Tenure Code or the detailed text of the relevant personnel policy.

Twelve-Month Faculty Appointments

The following general guidelines apply to twelve-month faculty appointments:

  • Effective date of appointment shall be after the required faculty review committee (e.g., ASAC, HSAC, and APT) and/or Board of Trustees approval.
  • Faculty members are compensated for services performed on a twelve calendar month basis.
  • Faculty are eligible to earn vacation, sick, and bonus leave (when awarded by legislature);
  • Faculty may earn “overload” pay for additional work performed throughout the year that exceeds normal duties as permitted under the campus overload policy. Faculty may teach in summer school but pay is awarded as “overload” and cannot exceed the relevant maximum overload amount for twelve-month employees.

Nine-Month Faculty Appointments

The following general guidelines apply to nine-month faculty appointments:

  • Generally appointment dates begin either January 1 or July 1.  However, schools that would like to make 9 month appointments at other times during the year, may contact the Office of Faculty Affairs to discuss that option.
  • Faculty work the nine months of the academic schedule, i.e., beginning of the fall semester and ending with commencement exercises each spring.
  • Faculty members on nine-month appointments are not eligible to earn vacation, sick, or bonus leave.
  • During the summer months (starting with the day following commencement and until the first day of fall classes) nine-month faculty are considered “free agents” and are eligible to teach summer school classes, engage in summer research or service activities which are compensated under the provisions of our faculty summer compensation policy; such work is not considered “overload” pay for nine-month faculty.