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All tenure-track and tenured faculty appointments are expected to be full-time (1.0 FTE) appointments unless specific circumstance in the interests of the appointing department and the University dictate otherwise.

Section 2.c.(6) the University’s Tenure Code sets forth general expectations about faculty appointments as follows:

“Except as may be otherwise expressly provided in the documents of appointment, all appointments to any faculty rank are on the basis of a full-time employment obligation and confer the full incidents of academic tenure pertinent to the particular appointment. Any special terms and conditions shall be clearly stated in the written appointment. Special terms and conditions added by memorandum of amendment must be approved by signature of the Chancellor (or his or her delegate) and the faculty member, with a copy to be retained by each. Except as herein provided, no special terms or conditions may be included which vary the general terms and conditions stated herein. The responsibility for initiating the inclusion of special terms and conditions in documents of appointment is with the chairman or dean recommending the appointment.”

Section 2.c.(6).ii of the University’s Tenure Code states:

Special terms for less than full-time employment with commensurate compensation, or for relief from all employment obligations for a specified period, may be included in an appointment or reappointment to any faculty rank, or may be added by written memorandum of amendment during the term of an appointment.

To request a less than full-time appointment

The University may permit, at the discretion of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, a tenure-track or tenured appointment of less than full-time (1.0 FTE). Note that for 12-month leave earning faculty, less than full-time status results in reduced annual and sick leave earnings pro-rated based on the part-time work schedule. Please contact your Benefits Specialist for additional information regarding benefits for less than full-time employment.

  • If a less than full-time appointment is deemed by the Department Chair to be necessary and in the best interests of the Department and the University, a request for reduced work schedule may be made in writing to the Dean.
  • The memo making this request should include the specific reasons for seeking a less than full-time work schedule and adequate assurances by the Chair that this arrangement is compatible with the faculty member fully achieving all of the duties and responsibilities appropriate for someone of the proposed rank and status. This memo must be endorsed under the signature of the Dean before being forwarded to the Office of Faculty Affairs for Provost’s approval.