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This section contains information about fostering connections, collaboration, and growth within our academic community.  Finding your community at Carolina is about more than just building relationships; it is about expanding your reach, exchanging knowledge, discovering opportunities and enhancing your career.  Explore the resources in this section to help you tap into the vibrant faculty community.

Below is a brief description of the resources currently available in this section.  If you would like to notify us of other resources that would be helpful for us to include here, please contact us.

CFE: Learn from Others

CFE: Learn from Others

Visit this website to explore the various ways that the Center for Faculty Excellence fosters learning from your faculty peers.

Your peers are your best teachers. The CFE fosters peer learning for faculty instructors through learning communities, grants, tailored information services, and the annual faculty showcase.

Office of Faculty Governance

Office of Faculty Governance

Visit this website to learn more about Faculty Governance at UNC – Chapel Hill, including how to get involved.

As the first state university in the United States to open its doors (1795), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a long tradition of shared governance in which faculty play key roles in decision-making about academic matters.

Also explore the Faculty Welfare Resources found in the Faculty Handbook.

UODI Resource Portal

UODI Resource Portal

Visit this website to find affinity groups and other opportunities to connect with and learn from others about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Carolina offers countless opportunities to learn from peers and others about diversity, equity and inclusion, to connect with communities beyond campus and to find personal resources and assistance. The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion (UODI) provides a comprehensive resource portal to help you navigate the vast opportunities for connection and learning.

UNC Retired Faculty & Professionals Association

UNC Retired Faculty and Professionals Association

Visit this website to find resources, support and community for retired faculty and professionals.

Information for and about the retired faculty and professionals of UNC-Chapel Hill.